Friday, April 13, 2007

Oh really?

From the rumorville:

"Rumors" have been circulating about Jay-Z and Beyonce getting married butthe duo may have another partnership in the works. According, Jay-Z will soon announce that he’s leaving hisposition at Def Jam to create a new label with Beyonce.According to, a key person involved with the new labelhas said that it will launch early next year.“It’s a done deal. Jay-Z already has Beyonce and Matthew Knowles onboard,” said the source. “She’ll be finishing up her contract Sony], and I expect that she’ll sign on to the new label shortlyafterwards.”

I wonder if a) this is true and b) if it is, how much executive control Beyonce will have. Beyonce's work ethic should be studied in class, and she has a nice voice, but I don't know how great her critical thinking skills and business sense is.

I have this theory that Matthew Knowles is the brain behind her success (and I'm sure Jay gives her pointers) so I don't think she'd be particularly effective in an executive role.

But, if there are investors willing to fund her label, I'm sure they think having a multi-platinum artist at the head increases the odds of success than just a regular Harvard Business School grad would. And they would be wrong. Maybe.

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