Monday, April 9, 2007

OMG, I've found Craig David!

Craig at some hotshot Miami club, I think its called 'SET' or 'BED' or 'TWIST TIE' or something.

On facebook (we are all familar with facebook, right?), they have a "interests" section, and I sooo totally put "finding out where the hell Craig David disappeared to after pretty much falling off after that "Fill Me In" song"

but folks, I find a picture. Apparently he walked away (does anyone get that reference?) to the nearest Miami hotspot...I guess London is somehow wack now?

He looks quite different with a) no twisty braids, b) a hat covering those twisty braids or c) no hair at all.

I really liked Craig because he had a nice voice and he carried on the Terrence Trent D'arby legacy that is British male vocalists crossing the pond.

After his second album (I think he may have released a third), which had a hit called "What's Your Flavor", which is currently on a subway commercial...or hmmm maybe its an ice cream commercial...he kind dropped off of the radar, I can't imagine he was dropped, so hopefully he'll come back out with something soon.

Earth-shattering his vocals, melodies and song lyrics and subject matter were not, but it was he music is good times all the same.

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