Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The only American Idol prediction you will need.

Okay folks, so what we have here is a classic ratings ploy by FOX and American Idol.

I found a youtube clip (posted below) of Sanjaya with the Total Experience Gospel Choir singing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot". He was AWESOME.

Way better than he's ever been on AI.

So, I think of course the producers know this and they have told him "we want you to sing sorta wack and we'll keep you on week after week no matter what the vote is. And then, towards the end of this season, you will sing as you normally do, which is great, and then it'll be a shock and we'll sell alot of records and you will have a career and we'll get great ratings since this season has sucked."

You don't believe me? Then how can one kid go from being so good to being so bad so quickly?:

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M Belle said...

It reminds me of on America's Next Top Model, they talk about contestants that have great personality, but as soon as you try to take a picture they freeze up. Sanjaya might have that on American Idol.