Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A point so interesting by Oprah it needs it own post

Diane Weathers is the former editor in chief of Essence magazine.
On the 1st installment of the Oprah Town Hall meeting, which aired yesterday, there was this exchange about Snoop Dogg:

Diane Weathers: Snoop was going to almost be in a Muppets Christmas episode. Why is he sanctioned by the mainstream when he has Black women on leashes?"

Oprah: He wouldn't be sanctioned by all those various companies and get all those endorsements if they didn't think that was okay...if they didnt think WE thought it was okay!"
Great point. What do you think?

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blackjade said...

I mostly agree. I don't think that the advertisers believe we think what snoop and others do is ok - but it obvious that we're not upset enough by it to boycott, stop buying the records or do anything else that hurts their bottom line. It's sad but true.