Friday, April 20, 2007

So, Brandy is off of America's Got Talent...

That's Brandy in the middle in between 2 nondescript white guys.

She is being replaced by her.
I wonder...was she pushed out or did she really say "Hey, I have a trial coming up and all my energy has to be focused on that or else I'll appear to be not interested in the case and I'll lose."?
Brandy accidently killed a woman a while back while on a Los Angeles freeway and despite the fact that, at the time, no charges were brought against her (it was ruled an accident), once the press got ahold of this information months after the fact, only now does the family want to sue Brandy for $50 million, and Brandy has to craft a gameplan to get out of this (with her lawyer, obviously).

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