Friday, April 6, 2007

Stuff I don't understand about Venus Williams

So, Venus Eboni Starr Williams is a legendary tennis player, right? There is no doubt she will make it into the US and International Halls of Fame. She's won titles from Wimbledon, the US Open, countless Tier I, II, and III events, etc.

She's phenomenal.


She's been sucking often lately.

I know she's got other interests, and frankly I think they makes a more well rounded invidual and sportswoman, when they have other things than the main goal to focus on, as it creates perspective when they do finally get to focus on the goal at hand.


Something has to be done. She was recently knocked out of the Miami event when some thought she might go all the way (those "some" were like 4 people, but thats still a good amount, right?). and very recently, she was knocked out of the Amelia Island in straight sets to Tatiana Golovin, 6-2, 6-3.

Here's the thing, Venus is not getting any younger (she's 26 now) and while there are some great athletes playing at a high level even though they are well over the average age of a successful player, I don't know if Venus can have the same type of success she once did.

I'm hoping she does though. She's always been my favorite, I even made a website AGES ago back when they first started. See:

Anyway, I want to see Venus claim her rightful trophies eventually, it's not a coincidence that Wimbledon trophy, the tournament she envisioned winning when she was a kid, is named the Venus Rosewater dish.

I want to see her looking back like this:

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