Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wow. This is racist.

What the hell is wrong with "That Other Blog"? They had the cajones to post up the headline "Jennifer Hudson Eats Chicken On Set of New Film" and this accompanying picture:

with the accompanying comment:

"While on set of Winged Creatures with co-star Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Hudson kept a close eye on the Craft Services table. It is uncertain whether or not she was eating chicken; however, given her recent request to Starbucks to have chicken at 10AM for an appearance she planned on making at their annual shareholders meeting, it would not shock me."

I can't believe this. Please either send this a note at:

or putting a comment in that particular post conveying your disgust:

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tea.butler said...

Okay , so what ! If she's hungry she's hungry. Yal act like eating chicken is a crime. Sheesh, the least yal could do is let the woman eat in piece, and keep the cameras out of her face !