Saturday, April 21, 2007

The year was 1983.

Vanessa was crowed Miss America 1984 on September 17th, 1983, becoming the first African American Miss America (Suzette Charles*, Debbye Turner, Kimberly Aiken have since also been awarded the crown).
As most of us know by now, nude pictures of Vanessa appeared publically after her win and it ultimately lead to her resignation, although some say she still got to keep her bedazzled crown and scholarship money.

Well, now, thanks to an annual spread in Allure magazine that involves nudity and celebrities in a tasteful manner, she is at it again.

I really wonder what went through her mind when she made this decision, like was she bitter? It has to be hard on her to realize that the same decision made in her 40s will not have the same impact it did in her 20s...

Anyway, she looks GREAT in this picture, below is an abbreviated version of the real image, click on it and you'll get the full picture:

(via CL)
*=the 1st runner-up to Vanessa, who took over for Vanessa when she resigned and became the 2nd Black woman to wear the crown

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