Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Serena has sinus problems, maybe you do too?

It's impressive to me that former #1 Serena Williams is a great tennis player and also has sinus problems. In the picture above, Serena is at a press conference announcing her renewed partnership with Vick's and today an article came out where she talked about tips to help people deal with sinuses:

  • "To avoid some of the trouble, it's important not to use so much ice in your beverages. Sometimes that stops you up and makes you get a lot of pressure."
  • "I've learned taking hot, hot showers - as hot as you can stand it - helps clear those passage ways. And working out helps a lot. That keeps you clear, keeps your chest clear and keeps everything clear."
  • Other tips shared by Williams to control sinus problems included using a natural saline spray several times daily to keep sinuses moist, getting plenty of rest, exercising outdoors to increase circulation and keeping passages clear.

  • She also suggests having enough moisture in the bedroom at night - problems occur when the sinuses dry out - and uses a humidifier if necessary.

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