Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dear Mr Hank Aaron,

I know you think that Barry Bonds is not advancing the sport of baseball by being unfriendly toward reporters and is in general a to-himself-kind-of-person. And I know there is that drug thing hanging over Barry's head. And I guess you probably think Barry got to your level by taking steroids and you did it naturally. But, is that proven yet. And did you know that steroids deteriorate eyesight, and yet Barry's home runs and walks have gotten better the longer his career goes?

But, you really need to be there if and when he breaks your record. From what I remember, Roger Maris' family was on hand when Mark McGuire broke his record. Since you are alive, I think it'd be the proper thing to do.

Because, really, it looks like sour grapes. Like you are bitter because your (very longstanding) record is being broken. And is that good sportsmanship? And speaking of sportsmanship, I just want to say I find it strange that when a white athlete doesn't do interviews and isn't as friendly to media as one would hope, he is branded as aloof or reclusive or eccentric. But when Barry does it, all sorts of negative descriptions are thrown at him, and I think that is wrong.

So basically, I think you should be there when he does it. You said "I'm 72 years old, and I'm not hopping on a plane and flying all the way to San Francisco for anybody" but I just think in this one situation, this one historic moment, you should reconsider.



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And did you know that HGH improves eyesight?