Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dear Mr Hank Aaron,

Please forward me your mailing address so you can see photographic evidence of me eating my words.

After reading some views drastically different from my own, I've come to realize that you are in the right.

You had to play through more adversity and racism and had to deal with than Barry Bond can ever imagine.

While Barry Bond has a few reporters mad at him (and I guess a few judges), you had millions of white people mad at you when you broke Babe's record.

And even though it isn't proven yet that Barry did in fact use steroids, I imagine anytime there is an asterik next to a record, it is suspect and I guess celebrating suspect achievements doesn't sound like fun.

So I can see where you are coming from and as soon as you forward me that address, I'll kindly overnight express you these pics.



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