Friday, April 6, 2007

Goodbye, "Tori and Dean Inn Love"

Why, you ask?

Because Tori Spelling and her mom have made up and are no longer feuding.

Let me put that in monetary perspective for you:

Because person A with $800,000 to her name has made up with person B, who has $800,000,000 to her name.

So that little show that featured Tori and her husband owning and operating a Bed & Breakfest is about to go silent because they did it for the money and now that she has access to the money, she won't see the B&B income, nor the show income.

I bet MTV, right now, is salivating at the thought of a Reverend Run-type family reality show involving Tori, Dean, Candy and little baby Liam all living together.

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