Friday, April 6, 2007

Dear seeker of fame,

Once you've gotten those riches and that fame you so greatly desired, do not, I REPEAT DO NOT say this:

"“I used to care about those awards and trophies - maybe when I was younger. Come on, it’s all a load of bullshit, right? I view the Grammys the same way I as I see my deal with McDonald’s. I regret the McDonald’s deal. I don’t regret doing the Grammys entirely but I wish I hadn’t put so much of myself into it. It’s kind of interesting. Just like the McDonald’s deal, whose market share went up 25 per cent when I walked into those offices and changed their image. When I did the Grammys, the viewing figures went up by 25 per cent. Funny, isn’t it?”"

Who said that, you might ask?

Well, its Justin Timberlake. He graced the cover of GQ (the British edition), and while its worth noting his honesty, it's not so great seeing that he is looking at the situation from a strange point of view.

He's on his way down down Troy Duffy lane. Getting a big head and attributing all matters of success to himself and himself only!

For him to take credit for the 25% of the increase of viewership is ridiculous! What if a bunch of older people across the globe were hip to the fact that the Eagles honored? What if more Mary J Blige fans than ever tuned in because they knew Mary would dominate?

If he keeps this up, I can't see him keeping that clean image he had going for him. Well, it started to get tarnished in the Rolling Stone cover story where he mentioned he was high during the recording process for "Justified". But even then, still he got to host the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award (where the above pic is from).

Eventually, people will say "you bad mouth coporate sponsors, we don't want you to do that with us, so we don't want to consider you for an endorsement."

There are millions of musicians out there would will break their right arm for the chance to play on the Grammys, and here he is dissing them.

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