Friday, April 6, 2007

I caught an India Arie concert last Wednesday, it was great!

For those of you unfamiliar with India, she is a contemporary R&B singer who has a (stevie) wonderful voice, very catchy songs and can play the flute, piano and guitar with proficiency.

She played to a sold out crowd at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington, which was amazing considering I personally only saw one instance of advertising for the show (a very small blurb in The Seattle Times), which was a shock considering all the other various media usually used when advertising a big name R&B artist.

Seattle hadn’t seen India since 2001, when she played to a sold out crowd at the Summer Nights at the Pier, where she debuted songs that would everntually end up on her Grammy winning second album “Voyage to India”.

Anyway, back to the concert last week. She started off with her hit, “I Am Not My Hair”, which sounded crisp and light. Backed by a very solid 3 background singers and a grooving four piece band of guitar, drumbs, bass and piano, her show was packed with spunk, energy and inspiration.

Frequently, she spoke in between songs about recovering from the breakup of the love of her life, and how her latest album (Testimony: 1, Life and Relationships) was born from that pain and healing and I personally found all of her various insights very useful. She briefly spoke about about meeting Nelson Mandela in South Africa and how he was a very down to earth person and easy to talk to. Thinking about him and his struggles inspired her to write a song on Testimony called “Wings of Forgiveness”.

Anyway, I saw all that to say that go check her out when shes at a theatre near you. I got to attend her soundcheck and from the time spent watching her, I gather she really enjoys her life and is thankful for it, and that’s a great thing to see from a famous person nowadays. So many are depressed and unhappy with their life and when you see someone that is the opposite, it makes you smile.

Some of the set list that I remember, in no particular order:

I Am Not My Hair

Wings of Forgiveness

Redemption Song

There’s Hope

Private Party

These Eyes

Brown Skin

Ready for Love

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