Friday, April 6, 2007


A few days ago, Hillary Clinton made news around the globe she announced that, in the 1st three months of the new year, she pulled in $26 million dollars for her presidential campaign.She also transferred $10 million left over from her Senate campaign, so she has a warchest now of $36 million.

Then yesterday, her chief rival Barack Obama announced he had pulled in $25 million, which is astounding because a big feather in Hillary’s cap was that her fundraising abilities were legendary. No one thought that Barack would have even a chance of being close to her haul, and the fact that he was only $1 million off is phenomenal.

So a big high five is due to Senator Obama, it shows the word what some (including myself) already knew, that he is a viable threat to the primary and hopefully now, all those Democrats and Independents who were on the fence will look at Barack a little more closely.

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