Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I have a problem with this Lil Flip character...

So I recently discovered this picture of rapper Lil Flip at his record release party:

I was shocked to see him not only wearing a gigantic blinged out jewelry piece, but holding it up to the camera for all to see.

Now, I understand the concept of being proud of something and wanting to show it off. I mean, that's human nature, when was the last time you bought something and didn't show it off whether it cute shoes or a piece of jewelry that likely was the reason thousands were murdered and is just a waste of money in general.

I mean, there's a chance this medallion was made with conflict free diamonds and there's a chance the gigantic circle was given to him for free for promotional purposes or maybe the label bought it for him as a gift, but either way, this picture made me sad because it sums up all that is wrong with Hip Hop: conspicuous consumption, misplaced values, and suspect morals.

So anyway if you are reading this Lil Flip, and to anyone that likes Lupe Fiasco and good education Hip Hop, check this out:


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ms bazu said...

it's sad that people are more concerned with being blinged out than how that bling gets from the mines to their gaudy ass jewelery.

i understand that a lot of what we consume has a shady origin (clothes, shoes, food) but diamonds are some out of the way shit you don't need
that you're paying top dollar for.
its like you're paying for the mayhem and slavery to continue and saying thank you.

it's really sad.


(sha-mecca from okp)