Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This Newsweek Will Smith article is

very informative and interesting (link below). And apparently according to the accompanying cartoon drawn (painted? colored?) of Will, he works for Jay-Z now?

Just jokes.

Anyway, the article about how Will has taken the thunder away from Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks (among other actors) in terms of box office mojo and is now the most consistent and reliable box office star out of every actor in the world (okay, I'll throw in all the galaxies and planets and stuff, too).

Wow, what a banner year for African American actors.

You know, to start, Samuel L Jackson (by the way, does anyone know what the L stands for?) has had the title of 'actor who has the combined highest box office sales' for a while now, I think all his movies (one of the more recent Star Wars movies and Jurassic Park included) have grossed over $1 billion dollars in total.

Then Jennifer Hudson, Forrest Whittaker and Eddie Murphy get Oscar nods (and Beyonce got an imaginary one, that has to count for something), with the 1st two winning.

And now, Will is the certified Box Office King.

It's a beautiful thing, and ultimately I hope it brings about even more change of who is behind and in front of the cameras.


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Thanks for this link; the article is great!