Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I am not impressed, Senator Obama.

Back when I lived in Chicago, I attended the Senator's first homecoming event after he announced that he was running for President.

He got what I thought was the biggest applause and laughter when he recounted that the previous day he asked his daughter Malia if she was enjoying riding around Iowa, where they had spent the day campaiging. After a long pause, Malia said "Yeah, I do, but why are we here again?"

It was cute and was a good segue, as the Senator then lauched into a "Well, this is why we are here..." political speech.

But tonight on Letterman, he repeated that same ancedote as if it happened yesterday.

I felt like I was watching a comic that always said the same joke.

Similarly, he also repeated the story about telling his girls that he was thinking of running for President and asked if they questions and they said "Can we have a dog?"

I KNOW people repeat themselves often in private conversation and he wouldn't be the first public figure (especially politically) to repeat little stories that are memorable and illustrate some point of his, but I personally was kind of like "huh?"


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