Friday, April 6, 2007

Why is it that no matter how they shoot the picture,

clothes once worn on Beyonce NEVER look as good on a model as they do on her?

I suppose this is the case with all celebrities (well, except for the super skinny ones that weigh less than a skeleton), but it's an interesting thought that clothes worn by celebrities that have tailors and seamstresses on speed dial are supposed to look similar on the noncelebrity.

I guess if I can buy a Pepsi because Kanye West endorses it, and the thought process is 'I want to be cool, Kanye is cool, Kanye drinks Pepsi, therefore I drink Pepsi", then the thought process of "I love Beyonce's style, she is a 'designer', I'm going wear something that she designed and I'll love that too" works, no matter if it actually looks as good on you as it does on Beyonce or not.

The whole sell that we, as nonfamous people, should be interested in the type of water a celebrity drinks/the type of cigarette they smoke/the type of car they drive/who they date, is an interesting one.

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